The Shady Scream

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The Shady Scream

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    13 Dec,13 05:33
    King Obama did it and there was no crime scene investigation . Them commies in Washington want to get rid of guns so that they can murder 100 million people and dump them into The Grand Canyon ....... God save Amerika and God bless Alex Jones .

    13 Dec,13 17:31
    What a coincidence , just before that School massacre in Colorado ....... Who was the clairvoyant who put this here ?

    05 Jan,14 02:19
    >King Obama did it and there was no crime
    >scene investigation . Them commies in Washingt
    >on want to get rid of guns so that they
    >can murder 100 million people and dump them
    > into The Grand Canyon ....... God save Amer
    >ika and God bless Alex Jones .

    King Dictator CIA Bilderberg Black Ops Secret Identity Man has been neglecting doing his actual job of helping keep America going & improving, because he's too busy trying to bomb Syria and do all the shadowy military operations he approves weekly.

    " mayors begging Obama to get out of these foreign, draining, boomeranging wars of choice and instead apply these taxpayer dollars to American public works repairing bridges, highways, public buildings, mass transit systems, libraries, clinics, and water and sewage facilities that are crumbling but could be repaired with good local jobs that cant be exported. Instead, Obama is Commander-in-Chief of drones and special forces blowing apart suspected targets, including oh, so sorry civilians in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and yes, even still in war-torn Iraq."

    "... programs targeted for the African-American community summer jobs, helping to empower small business, women-owned businesses, improve the health of our public school systems, civil rights and voting issues in the news. Sorry. Barack Obama spent his hour trying to persuade them to support bombing Syria!"

    "A true leader should embrace the details of leading the way to applying, or at least facilitating the application of, the many available solutions to so many neglected problems and deprivations in our country. Shouldnt it make sense that President Obama would enjoy spending more time addressing rising child poverty and restoring taxes on the rich and corporations than ordering self-defeating metastasizing military operations?"

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