Kick a** class. America just got a trump card.

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Kick a** class. America just got a trump card.

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    18 May,16 18:41
    well we'll find out soon enough, sometimes you have to think outside the box, no one's ever tried to run the country like a profitable business, now is a good a time as any, hope he succeeds, why would anyone want him to fail, he's going to be president so either you go with the current or swim against it and nothing will get done, he's a loud mouth, he brags, he can be extremely rude and I'm pretty sure he suffers from a mild to moderate case of Turret's Syndrome, I'm surprised he hasn't told someone while on live TV to go Fuck themselves because really it's the only thing he hasn't done, but you know what, he's you, he me, he's someone who many of us have wanted to be in certain circumstances but didn't have the balls to be maybe because of political correctness or rules set upon us by society, I can't help but reluctantly admire the man, I may not like lots of what he says at times but damn if I don't say at times. "The Balls on this Guy." then I chuckle and say "Good for You man" and I will tell you for sure, The USA will definitely not be a pushover for at least 4 years

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