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18,Jun,17 21:25
Com'on you guys... enough is enough!

15,Jun,17 09:23
Very useful....

11,Jun,17 09:04
Want another pill?

10,Jun,17 03:32
>What's the. Dogs name please

Jane Edgar Hoover

09,Jun,17 12:49
>What's the. Dogs name please

Dead with his eyes open.

09,Jun,17 09:17
>What's the. Dogs name please

bladder head

07,Jun,17 14:10
>What's the. Dogs name please

Fred West

07,Jun,17 12:41
>What's the. Dogs name please

Shit For Brains

07,Jun,17 08:44
>What's the. Dogs name please

Bollock Head

05,Jun,17 15:49
Spunk Bubble

04,Jun,17 09:43
Art of parking of the handicaped mind.

31,May,17 22:49
Looks like they sewed his head back on. Still the same deadbeat

31,May,17 22:13
People living on that territory at that time were not exactly white...

31,May,17 06:27

31,May,17 02:45
Lol I've seen this guy. He lives in Laurelton queens NY.

29,May,17 15:07
He likes them big

28,May,17 17:17
I knew it

28,May,17 07:30

27,May,17 04:24

24,May,17 18:48

21,May,17 17:40
Who would want to touch the bitch that has been drooled all over by Trump? Yikes

16,May,17 13:03
Frog chin

16,May,17 13:00
incest brother and sister

14,May,17 12:51
This is an height of being forever alone..

12,May,17 13:00

12,May,17 11:26
sex dwarf

05,May,17 18:45
Made this with PowerPoint. Share. Enjoy.

02,May,17 00:56

13,Apr,17 12:16
Sexy af darling

07,Apr,17 21:17
WRONG! Alt R hates the bombing

07,Apr,17 20:41
I hope the Obama tapping Trump's daughter article has a lot of pictures

03,Apr,17 21:22
Thanks for the article, is there any way I can receive an email whenever you publish a new update? egcabeffbdddagdg

01,Apr,17 23:35
They look healthy to me .

01,Apr,17 13:42

01,Apr,17 13:39
i'm tommy quach and i hate gays

30,Mar,17 10:06
Sister will be a good doctor

30,Mar,17 05:55
Gay Bar

29,Mar,17 20:58
Oh shit , that is liver failure .

29,Mar,17 20:56
She is a real bitch

24,Mar,17 19:45
Cute cute and so hot

20,Mar,17 20:33
1997 Three die in a Mercedes bends in Paris .

13,Mar,17 20:41
Hitler would have been so proud to see a half German pick up where he left off

12,Mar,17 19:38
What's the. Dogs name please

12,Mar,17 19:36

01,Mar,17 21:09
New White House uniform for Trump's brown nosers?

28,Feb,17 22:51

28,Feb,17 21:05
This movie sucked!

26,Feb,17 23:56
CNN is Communist News Network .

25,Feb,17 04:20
very slutty

24,Feb,17 07:41
Gillette Venus Why should girls have all the fun

24,Feb,17 07:37
Gillette Venus
Gillette Venus Razor
Gillette Venus Flawlessly smooth

24,Feb,17 06:39
It's a Chode

23,Feb,17 06:22
slutty chick lol

20,Feb,17 07:49
Charal no 1

19,Feb,17 12:46
Charal no 1

19,Feb,17 03:56

17,Feb,17 02:27
So sick of this bimbo bitch

15,Feb,17 00:18
The best selfie ever

11,Feb,17 07:33
Earth shall become like Mars , a planet that once had life .

08,Feb,17 22:04
He says to his son; this is pretty much how my grandfather arrived too. Except he didn't pay for the trip. He came as a stowaway on a British booze cargo ship!