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17,Feb,19 16:51
She is ugly and also a horrible troll

08,Feb,19 16:12
Ashleigh Fittis usually posts on Film-boards and she sings badly with her You-Tube videos.

05,Feb,19 18:20
I just threw up.

25,Jan,19 17:55
So ugly omg what a fucking dog lmao

15,Jan,19 20:50
She is cute 💋

15,Jan,19 15:15
Iím on slimming tablets from the doctors

They make orange stuff come out of my butt but so far so good four pounds off itís not much but hopefully in time Iíll lose more

I had to stop the slimming tablets that I got off the internet cause my heart was really sore itís a pity cause they decreased my appetite.

Ashley M. Fittis.

15,Jan,19 12:03
I donít believe itís Ashley Fittis in the second photo unless itís a well done photoshop of hers

15,Jan,19 10:35
Iím calling your mother. Itís time for you to return back to the asylum.

15,Jan,19 08:26
help my girlfriend ashleigh lose some weight, give her money for gastric band

14,Jan,19 14:17
I think Miley is beautiful without that CGI crap..

14,Jan,19 14:09
>does this ugly teen thinks she is taylor momsen in
> her second pic?

shut up ugly cunt, your ugly and no woman wants you.

14,Jan,19 12:57
does this ugly teen thinks she is taylor momsen in her second pic?

14,Jan,19 12:36
Thats it, im killing myself.

14,Jan,19 09:21
>This 27 years-old woman acts like she is going on
>13. I think she is mentally challenged.Itís not fu
>nny, bros.

Go take your meds schizo

14,Jan,19 03:47
Who is this? Sally Struthers

14,Jan,19 02:50
I remember this crazy lady from the late imdb message soap box board, she used to say that she was going to be the next Miley Cyrus or Marylin Monroe,,

All of her pics were always re-touch with a specific software that made herself look younger and slimmer,,

She would often use a teen picture of hers and passed it off as a recent pic,

I think this lady did time in a mental institution at one point,,

13,Jan,19 22:32
Yep it's the same ole girl. It's Ashley Fittis from new town Abbey. .She sucks at singing.

13,Jan,19 22:31
Is this the same girl in that photo?

13,Jan,19 22:20
This 27 years-old woman acts like she is going on 13. I think she is mentally challenged.

Itís not funny, bros.

13,Jan,19 11:54
She is one ugly bitch!

12,Jan,19 04:38
Hi Miss Piggy lol lol

11,Jan,19 18:25
I pity her parents having such an ugly fat child, she sold her treadmill she got for christmas after a week as shes too lazy

Pretending she was still using it as early as 3 days ago, it was sold 5 days ago

11,Jan,19 18:05
Look at those double chins lmao. WHAT A FAT PIG!

11,Jan,19 18:02
Her claim to fame?????

11,Jan,19 17:36
She is disgusting. WHAT AN UGLY GIRL.

11,Jan,19 17:19

oki that was terrible

11,Jan,19 17:18
She an ugly brit hambeast with horse-teeth who has actually been to mental asylums plenty of times. oh god, all she does on Filmboards is post selfies all day and photoshops her images, stalks prettier girls, and gets called ugly because she is. then she threatens to kill herself and goes off meds to try to become thin, like thats gonna happen. back to the mental asylum!

11,Jan,19 17:17
My picture wasnít even funny thatís illegal Iím gonna sue whoever did that.

Ashley M. Fittis.

11,Jan,19 17:09

i am a crap singer

11,Jan,19 17:07
>Take this down now or I will sue!Ashley M. Fittis.

fat pig oink oink, way live in your sty you waster!

11,Jan,19 16:56
Rebel Wilson is that you?

11,Jan,19 16:30
Yo Miley, is this another publicity stunt? Give it up. You will never be the next Miley Cyrus, the original Miley is pathetic enough.

11,Jan,19 16:25
Great album. Oi! Oi! Oi!

11,Jan,19 16:14
No I shall not youíre horrible and that is under the Jewish law the Old Testament however the New Testament is what Iím under and Iím allowed to eat pork and mix fabrics however in the New Testament fornication is still a sin as is homosexlitu youíre all fornicators.

Ashleigh known as Miley@filmboards

11,Jan,19 15:37
She's hot, brah.

11,Jan,19 15:34
She's ugly as sin!

11,Jan,19 15:29
Take this down now or I will sue!

Ashley M. Fittis.

11,Jan,19 15:10
Fucking ugly bitch! What a dog faced cow

11,Jan,19 15:01
blimp blimp

11,Jan,19 15:00
this chick is always uploading pathetic videos of herself on you-tube

sad indeed

i repeat sad indeed

11,Jan,19 14:23
Finally Ashweed Fittish is exposed LMAO

11,Jan,19 14:16
oink oink

11,Jan,19 14:15
Bad singer :(

11,Jan,19 14:15
ha ha i remember her from the soapbox days, she is a nut.

11,Jan,19 14:02
Is this the same Ashleigh aka Miley from the filmboards site?

02,Dec,18 10:35
This is nice. Not sure what's so funny about it, though.

29,Nov,18 06:36
Kinda transfixed on those white legs tbh

15,Oct,18 01:26
trump must be better at killing 2 birds with one bullet

14,Oct,18 20:58
Great Stocking stuffer!

10,Oct,18 07:50
l think this is a bloke off showyourdick *lix*

03,Oct,18 17:10
Created by matti

31,Aug,18 13:44
I LOVE his costume!!!

04,Aug,18 05:24
you suck mechanic man

04,Aug,18 04:48
I'm ITTY and I approved this shirt.

04,Aug,18 04:39
ha ha kirk can wipe his ass with it

04,Aug,18 04:27
Fap fap fap.

04,Aug,18 04:26
Men's T-shirt from the infamous obnoxious user on Filmboards

01,Aug,18 13:19
Are you 50 years old and out of touch with reality? Because it sure seems like it. Not only is this meme format outdated, but it's embarrassing how proud you seem to be of this unfunny and terrible meme you've created.

28,Jul,18 01:43
Sarah Huckabee Sanders' face is like
a Mr. Potatohead toy:
You can do all sorts of funny shit
with her facial gestures! lol

28,Jul,18 01:19
My humorous parody of the recent vandalism of
Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
which occurred earlier this week July 27, 2018.