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02,Dec,18 10:35
This is nice. Not sure what's so funny about it, though.

29,Nov,18 06:36
Kinda transfixed on those white legs tbh

15,Oct,18 01:26
trump must be better at killing 2 birds with one bullet

14,Oct,18 20:58
Great Stocking stuffer!

10,Oct,18 07:50
l think this is a bloke off showyourdick *lix*

03,Oct,18 17:10
Created by matti

31,Aug,18 13:44
I LOVE his costume!!!

04,Aug,18 05:24
you suck mechanic man

04,Aug,18 04:48
I'm ITTY and I approved this shirt.

04,Aug,18 04:39
ha ha kirk can wipe his ass with it

04,Aug,18 04:27
Fap fap fap.

04,Aug,18 04:26
Men's T-shirt from the infamous obnoxious user on Filmboards

01,Aug,18 13:19
Are you 50 years old and out of touch with reality? Because it sure seems like it. Not only is this meme format outdated, but it's embarrassing how proud you seem to be of this unfunny and terrible meme you've created.

28,Jul,18 01:43
Sarah Huckabee Sanders' face is like
a Mr. Potatohead toy:
You can do all sorts of funny shit
with her facial gestures! lol

28,Jul,18 01:19
My humorous parody of the recent vandalism of
Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
which occurred earlier this week July 27, 2018.

28,Jul,18 00:33
Hi, I'm Mazinga!
Many folks use online meme generators, which is cool.
I needed something to stand my own memes apart from
the meme scene- and so I use yellow bordered text added
to whatever images I find from various internet sources.
Besides images, I also create 3D objects, textured
objects, and hand-drawn effects for use as my own memes.

I make my own memes, offline, using a program
known as Irfanview... it's an image image viewer/editor
that I've been using for so many years; much better
than Windows MSPaint, and you can use Photoshop plugins
with it. Google for it. I cannot post links here.

Thanks to this site for allowing me to share
my funny pics with everyone.
Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

11,Jun,18 05:33
Facebook are obviously experimenting with some picture recognition system. My humble advice to them is to stop it before an unfortunate caption is given. Ooops too late - People Sausages, sold by Sims Supermarkets!

30,May,18 16:13
And the funny thing is?

22,Apr,18 15:22

11,Apr,18 12:18

11,Apr,18 12:18
Hes gay and fierce

30,Mar,18 02:43
Alpha & o... my God!

29,Mar,18 06:56

28,Mar,18 01:48
Ah men ! !!

03,Mar,18 18:06
Shut up Dave626 a.k.a Jingles The Clown

26,Dec,17 15:01
Love German

26,Dec,17 14:57
Fuck Meat

26,Dec,17 14:54
Mmmmhhh lecker

26,Dec,17 14:51

26,Dec,17 14:44
Titten 😍😍

26,Dec,17 13:39
Love it

26,Dec,17 13:36
Make for titfuck

26,Dec,17 12:33
Bei dem Anblick kann man sich nicht konzentrieren 😍

26,Dec,17 09:55
Nice Tits

26,Dec,17 09:55

26,Nov,17 11:18
IMDB is not the same without the message boards. Just accept the fact CJ got the best of everyone in those debates !!

13,Nov,17 11:01
Yes, these two thumbnails were found in that exact order.

24,Oct,17 23:37
Santa can fill my stocking any time.

13,Oct,17 06:46
Why on earth is the twat allowed to fry chicken while wearing a stupid hat? It is to stop the grease from his hair falling into the fryer?

>>What's with the stupid twat?He can't help being o

11,Oct,17 13:04

11,Oct,17 12:05
>What's with the stupid twat?

He can't help being one

11,Oct,17 11:29
>>>op by any chance?careful I will share this happi
>l>y>>like to see him with the diaper ripped offWha
>t's OP?Oblong Penis
No, it's long and thick and waiting for you.

11,Oct,17 10:30
But I don't like to brag!

11,Oct,17 10:28
My penis would blow you away!

11,Oct,17 10:07
Yes, my nipples are impressive. Other parts of me are even more impressive.

06,Oct,17 11:31

03,Oct,17 00:01
What's with the stupid hat?

02,Oct,17 11:58
I imagine you will happily share this with your boyfriend.

02,Oct,17 11:17
>op by any chance?careful I will share this happily
>>like to see him with the diaper ripped off
What's OP?

02,Oct,17 09:44
op by any chance?

careful I will share this happily

>like to see him with the diaper ripped off

22,Sep,17 14:25

14,Sep,17 18:00
like to see him with the diaper ripped off

24,Aug,17 18:06
Barack eclipses Trump

14,Aug,17 02:45
when she turn 18 she can have the big Lilypop just like the one behind her

14,Aug,17 02:42
kids having kids smh :(

11,Aug,17 11:17
Your dad is gay LOL

03,Aug,17 07:57
kids dont do drugs or you end up like this old fart

01,Aug,17 09:16
you forgot the gay ranger

22,Jul,17 23:51
i see 3 pussy

19,Jul,17 16:50
This is what I found when I came home from work at 3:00 pm