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26,Mar,17 07:04
Robs poor old me and gives to the rich ilegal drug pushers .

24,Mar,17 19:45
Cute cute and so hot

23,Mar,17 22:57
What is thy religion brother ? Stealing Day Adventist .

23,Mar,17 02:15
Please go away ..... in a paddy wagon .

20,Mar,17 20:33
1997 Three die in a Mercedes bends in Paris .

20,Mar,17 20:30
That is terrible , I would rather be thrown from a tall building as ISIS does to homosexuals .

19,Mar,17 08:07
He stole 600 dollars from me . I am a Muslim and he should have his hands chopped off ....... He terrorised me .

13,Mar,17 20:41
Hitler would have been so proud to see a half German pick up where he left off

12,Mar,17 19:38
What's the. Dogs name please

12,Mar,17 19:36

01,Mar,17 21:09
New White House uniform for Trump's brown nosers?

28,Feb,17 22:51

28,Feb,17 21:05
This movie sucked!

26,Feb,17 23:56
CNN is Communist News Network .

25,Feb,17 04:20
very slutty

24,Feb,17 07:41
Gillette Venus Why should girls have all the fun

24,Feb,17 07:37
Gillette Venus
Gillette Venus Razor
Gillette Venus Flawlessly smooth

24,Feb,17 06:39
It's a Chode

23,Feb,17 06:22
slutty chick lol

20,Feb,17 07:49
Charal no 1

19,Feb,17 12:46
Charal no 1

19,Feb,17 03:56

18,Feb,17 06:40
Lock up your sons .

17,Feb,17 18:37
I saw a child molestor in Buninyong 2007 Ford Falcon ute coloured white YJL.637 ..... enjoy looking at prisonors bot bots in the prison showers ...... You little boy mollestors .

17,Feb,17 02:27
So sick of this bimbo bitch

15,Feb,17 00:18
The best selfie ever

13,Feb,17 02:40
What is your 'phone number ? asks the stalker ....... I would rather show you my dick .......... I have reported you to the police ! ....... Cries like a baby and kills himself , rather than going to jail .

12,Feb,17 03:21
9 to 5 1980 is a movie about financial harrasment .

11,Feb,17 22:46
See me try to get into a grave situation .

11,Feb,17 22:45
The owner of this Mitsubishi now owns a Rolls Royce limo ' . The driver is a policeman .

11,Feb,17 07:34
Follow that car ...... to Iceland .

11,Feb,17 07:33
Earth shall become like Mars , a planet that once had life .

09,Feb,17 22:48
A Rolls Royce is his next car .

08,Feb,17 22:04
He says to his son; this is pretty much how my grandfather arrived too. Except he didn't pay for the trip. He came as a stowaway on a British booze cargo ship!

08,Feb,17 21:57
Is this just before they carted him off to the loonie bin?

08,Feb,17 21:55
lol this is priceless. 4 peas in a pod. (sorry dear real peas)

05,Feb,17 08:44
famefags chatting in anonops

regards GloriousMrBeast

05,Feb,17 08:43
pic of famefags chatting

regards GloriousMrBeast

05,Feb,17 03:12
Yeah, I lost the bet. say nothing, damn you!

02,Feb,17 19:31
April 7th 1968 Jimmy Clark is killed hitting the trees in Hockenheim former West Germany ...... 2006 Steve Irwin and Peter Brock .

01,Feb,17 08:56

01,Feb,17 08:53
The prosecution said he was just two feet from the bathroom door when he opened fire, but that can't be true. He doesn't have any feet.

01,Feb,17 08:27

01,Feb,17 08:12
Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall....

31,Jan,17 21:36
When he grows up. he wants to be a Trump

31,Jan,17 21:35
I wonder which one of his servants behind him changes Trump's nasty diapers?

31,Jan,17 21:33
lol. That's about right

30,Jan,17 21:13
Evangelicals tricked to think Trump is their Cyrus.

28,Jan,17 21:33
Devil or an ass?

27,Jan,17 22:23
Thanks for covering up his tiny penis

26,Jan,17 22:27
Must be Trump's mom.

26,Jan,17 22:26
Indulge in stupidity for years to come.
No worries, that's what the Democrats are for. They will clean things up like they did after Bush.

26,Jan,17 02:42

25,Jan,17 17:55

25,Jan,17 17:53
Love it

25,Jan,17 17:52
Just let me know this is so cute he already makes me smile

25,Jan,17 17:50
He may be not funny but dead cute and cuddly

23,Jan,17 06:21
Man, this baby stuff is really tough...

20,Jan,17 18:34
Tang top for life

17,Jan,17 01:10
Installed by Russia

How do we explain the overtly pro-Russian behavior of Trump and his surrogates? If they’re not Russian puppets, why do they work so hard to defend Putin and Russia against American investigators and reporters? Why do they divert blame to other countries and victims of the hack? Why, instead of targeting the Russian intelligence agencies that infiltrated us, do they attack the American intelligence agencies that exposed the Russians?

Wake up and smell the turd that is Trump