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11,Jun,18 05:33
Facebook are obviously experimenting with some picture recognition system. My humble advice to them is to stop it before an unfortunate caption is given. Ooops too late - People Sausages, sold by Sims Supermarkets!

30,May,18 16:13
And the funny thing is?

22,Apr,18 15:22

11,Apr,18 12:18

11,Apr,18 12:18
Hes gay and fierce

30,Mar,18 02:43
Alpha & o... my God!

29,Mar,18 06:56

28,Mar,18 01:48
Ah men ! !!

03,Mar,18 18:06
Shut up Dave626 a.k.a Jingles The Clown

26,Dec,17 15:01
Love German

26,Dec,17 14:57
Fuck Meat

26,Dec,17 14:54
Mmmmhhh lecker

26,Dec,17 14:51

26,Dec,17 14:44
Titten 😍😍

26,Dec,17 13:39
Love it

26,Dec,17 13:36
Make for titfuck

26,Dec,17 12:33
Bei dem Anblick kann man sich nicht konzentrieren 😍

26,Dec,17 09:55
Nice Tits

26,Dec,17 09:55

26,Nov,17 11:18
IMDB is not the same without the message boards. Just accept the fact CJ got the best of everyone in those debates !!

13,Nov,17 11:01
Yes, these two thumbnails were found in that exact order.

24,Oct,17 23:37
Santa can fill my stocking any time.

13,Oct,17 06:46
Why on earth is the twat allowed to fry chicken while wearing a stupid hat? It is to stop the grease from his hair falling into the fryer?

>>What's with the stupid twat?He can't help being o

11,Oct,17 13:04

11,Oct,17 12:05
>What's with the stupid twat?

He can't help being one

11,Oct,17 11:29
>>>op by any chance?careful I will share this happi
>l>y>>like to see him with the diaper ripped offWha
>t's OP?Oblong Penis
No, it's long and thick and waiting for you.

11,Oct,17 10:30
But I don't like to brag!

11,Oct,17 10:28
My penis would blow you away!

11,Oct,17 10:07
Yes, my nipples are impressive. Other parts of me are even more impressive.

06,Oct,17 11:31

03,Oct,17 00:01
What's with the stupid hat?

02,Oct,17 11:58
I imagine you will happily share this with your boyfriend.

02,Oct,17 11:17
>op by any chance?careful I will share this happily
>>like to see him with the diaper ripped off
What's OP?

02,Oct,17 09:44
op by any chance?

careful I will share this happily

>like to see him with the diaper ripped off

22,Sep,17 14:25

14,Sep,17 18:00
like to see him with the diaper ripped off

24,Aug,17 18:06
Barack eclipses Trump

14,Aug,17 02:45
when she turn 18 she can have the big Lilypop just like the one behind her

14,Aug,17 02:42
kids having kids smh :(

11,Aug,17 11:17
Your dad is gay LOL

03,Aug,17 07:57
kids dont do drugs or you end up like this old fart

01,Aug,17 09:16
you forgot the gay ranger

22,Jul,17 23:51
i see 3 pussy

19,Jul,17 16:50
This is what I found when I came home from work at 3:00 pm

11,Jul,17 20:22
maybe her wig

09,Jul,17 23:43
have I missed something?

ya your fucking hair! LOL

06,Jul,17 20:39

03,Jul,17 13:29
Fake Fucking President

02,Jul,17 19:45
>Do her eyes always bulge out of her face like that
>? Just asking.
only when she see $$$$$

01,Jul,17 23:26
Do her eyes always bulge out of her face like that? Just asking.

27,Jun,17 12:52
Show offs! Lol.

26,Jun,17 15:05
that the look when u forgot to suck dick today! lol

18,Jun,17 21:25
Com'on you guys... enough is enough!

15,Jun,17 09:23
Very useful....

11,Jun,17 09:04
Want another pill?

10,Jun,17 03:32
>What's the. Dogs name please

Jane Edgar Hoover

09,Jun,17 12:49
>What's the. Dogs name please

Dead with his eyes open.

09,Jun,17 09:17
>What's the. Dogs name please

bladder head

07,Jun,17 14:10
>What's the. Dogs name please

Fred West

07,Jun,17 12:41
>What's the. Dogs name please

Shit For Brains