Mazinga's meme #0001

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Created 28 Jul,18 04:31   main page   recent uploads


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Mazinga's meme #0001

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    28 Jul,18 04:33
    Hi, I'm Mazinga!
    Many folks use online meme generators, which is cool.
    I needed something to stand my own memes apart from
    the meme scene- and so I use yellow bordered text added
    to whatever images I find from various internet sources.
    Besides images, I also create 3D objects, textured
    objects, and hand-drawn effects for use as my own memes.

    I make my own memes, offline, using a program
    known as Irfanview... it's an image image viewer/editor
    that I've been using for so many years; much better
    than Windows MSPaint, and you can use Photoshop plugins
    with it. Google for it. I cannot post links here.

    Thanks to this site for allowing me to share
    my funny pics with everyone.
    Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

    01 Aug,18 17:19
    Are you 50 years old and out of touch with reality? Because it sure seems like it. Not only is this meme format outdated, but it's embarrassing how proud you seem to be of this unfunny and terrible meme you've created.

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